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Panel Discussions: Yay or Nay?

What do you think about panel discussions?

They seem to be "all the rage" right now. Drop your thoughts below in the comments.

I recently had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion at #IHRSA2024 #HFA2024 about#PersonalTraining and #GroupTraining. I was honored to sit next to some Beasts of the PT Business: Brent Potter and Maria Argiroudis (Crennan). We had a great time, with a solid audience and there were a few "lightbulb" moments for some.

Thank you to ClubOS Nick Hahn and the entire EverCommerce team for allowing us to share some insights.

Personal Training and Small Group or Team Training continues to be an area of concern for many organizations. 

- We can't find qualified trainers

- When I do hire good trainers, they leave

- We aren't generating enough revenue

- Participation is down

- Struggling for answers

If you're experiencing any of the above as was discussed in our panel, feel free to reach out. Let's have a conversation.

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