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A Cheeseburger Saved My Life

A cheeseburger saved my life.

No, for real. Last week. And there are witnesses! (Nick Hahn Marlena Powers )

I enjoyed a very busy #IHRSA2024 , uh, I mean #HFA2024 as many of my colleagues and friends did. As I typically do, I booked myself solid with appointments and meetings and the days were long but productive.

On Thursday, my day started with the annual #MyZone breakfast at 6am. It's always a great meal and nice networking event. We went right to the opening keynote by Mark Mastrov and the day was off and running quickly.

I left that session early because I had to meet with my new clients who are new to the industry and 1st time show goers.

The show starts. I'm with my new clients (I actually had 2 new sets of clients- both couples, both new gym owners, both first time show goers!) I spent several hours with each couple on the show floor, including additional meeting times for planning and so forth. Lots of booth visits and introductions and the day was flying by.

Next thing I knew, the show was over. I had not eaten ANYTHING since the breakfast. I was definitely dehydrated but man did I need a #Snickers ! (If you know the commercial I am referencing, then you get it LOL)

Now, it's time to head to the highlights of this show each year: the parties and happy hours. In years past, there has been some amazing food served. This year, I am guessing the cost to throw these gatherings were super high (being in LA I understand), because the food part was scarce! I had high expectations. Man, did I set myself up for disappointment.

In addition, limited turn around time between the show ending and the start of these events makes it difficult to grab a real meal. I needed food. My bitter "old lady self" was going to emerge from its cocoon any minute. 

I make it to my first event. The food was anything but. The year prior, this event had AMAZING FOOD, so I expected the same. It didn't. I was extremely grateful to be there and enjoyed myself, but the inner beast was growing.

Off to the next event which has always had an amazing spread. NOPE. I couldn't believe it. It's now getting late. It was 15+ hours between meals going full steam. As I sat there with friends and colleagues, my brain synapses fired enough to realize I was being stupid and that there were plenty of options around.

Enter #SMASHBURGER at LA LIVE. As we sat and talked about the show and work and life, my lightbulb went off- I stood up and announced my plans for world domination- ok, for getting food- and my intent on raiding Smashburger to satisfy my hunger.

I was low. Low on energy. Low on life. Low on everything.


It literally was the best thing I had eaten in an eternity! Every bite was followed by an "ohhh", "ahhhh", "OMG its so good" and possible moaning.

My inner spirit came back. I was ALIVE. I was energized! I was ready to take on the next 6 parties and events for that evening with a new vengeance! 

As I left the lifesaving sanctum of the burger joint, I noticed several other industry colleagues deciding to do the same thing. Soon the place was full. Burgers were flying, fries were flowing and lives were being saved!

Thank you #Smashburger ! You saved my life- and many others- that evening. We salute you!

And' that's the story of how a cheeseburger saved my life! I did learn some lessons though:

- Plan better. Don't overbook myself.

- Make time to eat and drink even when busy

- Never assume anything, even if past experience tells you otherwise

- Don't hate on a good burger. It can be life changing.

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