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Your Dash Mark

The dash mark...

Probably one of the single most important pieces of punctuation, yet very easily overlooked. It's a mark most often used between dates to show a period of time.

I often think about what will define my dash when my time is up. I don't give much thought to my birthday- in fact if you know me, I'm not a birthday guy. What did I do on that day that was so special besides arrive on the scene? 

It's what I am doing with these years of life that I have now that ultimately, and hopefully, will be worth celebrating.

As I move into my 46th year of life, I reflect on the decisions I have made, the people I have met and the lives I have hopefully impacted along the way. Maybe even yours as you read this.

When that end date finally comes, what story will be written? What will my legacy say? What will my dash stand for?

Will I have left this place better than I found it? Will I have done all I could to change lives for the better? To impact change? Will I have done enough that my name and legacy will live on in some way? (No, I don't expect a library to be dedicated in my honor- lord knows I didn't spend enough time in one!)

The point:

Wake up everyday with a purpose. Make each day matter. Life is too short now to be miserable or hate on others. Get up and make an impact in your own way. It can be as simple as a smile or a hello to a stranger.

Go build your dash today, and everyday. Make that legacy. It's the stuff legends are made of!

*Who would play YOU in a movie about your life? Comment below! And if you can't think of someone, then- who would play ME?

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