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Tripods in the Gym: Where do you stand?

💣 HOT TOPIC ALERT 💣 Touchy subject. Let's go!

Tripods and filming in the gym. 🤳 

What's your take?

For it? Against it? Somewhere in the middle?

Do you have policies for filming? For bringing and using tripods? Some facilities are actually charging a "tripod membership fee" as it can take up useable space that a person could be occupying.

In the world of social media and influencer marketing, how do you and your organization navigate these stormy waters?

The explosion of "selfie rooms" and "posing rooms" have helped to mitigate some of the debates on the gym floor, but not completely.

So I'm curious- whats your take? What are you doing? What are you seeing?

Today I am not weighing in, but just starting the conversation. So let's get to it! Comment below and feel free to tag and share for more input!

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