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Jarrod Saracco

Jarrod Saracco, Health Club Doctor giving a speach


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Discover how Health Club Doctor (HCD) can transform your fitness business, offering tailored strategies and solutions to drive growth and success.

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Quickly identify and solve problems in your business plan and operations. Our targeted approach helps streamline and improve your fitness business operations.

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Discover which areas of your organization need enhancement. This knowledge is key to building a more unified and efficient team.

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Create a growth plan that benefits both your members and business goals. We stress the importance of maintaining both your business's health and that of your members.


Fitness Industry Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Game Changer

Jarrod Saracco, with close to 30 years in the health and fitness industry, has held various roles including owner and operator, vendor and even as COO of one of the most celebrated brands in the industry- World Gym. Known for his success, passion, and determination, he's been a prominent keynote speaker and guest presenter globally at many different industry events, a featured guest on multiple podcasts and highlighted in many publications. Saracco is celebrated for his leadership, integrity, relationship-building skills, and adding fun to every interaction.


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"I would strongly recommend Jarrod. Let me tell you about his strengths! Jarrod is very adept at dealing with problems. He will work hard to figure out the problem and resolve it."

Michaela S.

"Jarrod went out of his way (in both time and effort), to introduce us to a myriad of exceptional people. More than that, Jarrod is just a great guy."

Nick M.

"Jarrod not only brings passion to what he does, but he also brings integrity and the feeling that you are working with someone that honestly has your best interest in mind."

Mike D.

I" have the pleasure of working with Jarrod over the years. He has consistently provided excellent service with a personable, individualized, and thorough approach."

Dr. Arianne M.

"Jarrod has this remarkable attribute to direct this information in a clear, concise and compelling argument that is built on a foundation of prior successes."

Cuoco B.

" I would highly reccomend Jarrod for any type of consulting regarding the fitness industry, and hope to be as knowledgable and creative as he is one day."

Jake G.

"Jarrod is someone I feel very privileged to work with because he’s a respected leader in his industry and company. He’s also just a cool dude to have a conversation with."

Dr. Brian H.

"Jarrod is one of the most knowledgeable and caring people I have worked with. His expertise in situations and ability to recognize strategies to implement to move forward have been beneficial."

Jacqueline L.

"We have used Jarrod for over 10 years and in that time he has provided objective ideas and very creative designs for our businesses. He is patient, professional, and very genius with fitting budget and design together."

Charan C.

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